FridayOctober 20, 2023 / October 18, 2024

Danjiri in the evening

From the afternoon, nine danjiri (festival floats) are displayed in their respective neighborhoods in the castle town. In the evening, the paper lanterns on the danjiri are lit up.

SaturdayOctober 21, 2023 / October 19, 2024

Akki demon

In the afternoon, a procession of demons parades through the Sannomachi-suji Street, blowing on trumpet shells and beating drums. Then, Oh-gohei, Akki (the chief demon), and En no Gyoja, who is said to be the first Iga-ryu ninja, appear. Hyorotsuki oni (staggering demons) come next, and finally, Chinzei Hachiro Tametomo appears with demons following in his wake. The Sannomachi-suji Street in the afternoon is the best-kept secret spot for visitors.

Danjiri in the evening

The danjiri are pulled through the Honmachi-suji Street and Ninomachi-suji Street both in the afternoon and in the evening. Floats heading towards the Ueno Tenjin Shrine through the Honmachi-suji Street with lit paper lanterns in the evening are especially spectacular.

SundayOctober 22, 2023 / October 20, 2024

Hyorotsuki oni Demon

The festival procession starts from the east end of the castle town early in the morning, and is led by mikoshi (portable shrines), followed by the demon procession and the danjiri. Among the highlights are Hyorotsuki oni, who mischievously stagger towards children, causing them to cry out, and right‐angle turns of danjiri that are done exclusively by hand. The procession parades through the castle town Iga Ueno for the whole day, fully inspiring spectators with its 400 years of history.

Procession Route (Sunday)

  • 出発地点のアイコン Starting Point
  • 解散地点のアイコン End Point